52.52° N, 13.41° E

Bath, Year 3


    Located East of the Topography of Terror museum sits the site for a proposed performance arts centre. In response to the rich historic context, the scheme expresses ways in which built forms can influence sensations of freedom, rebellion and liberation. Performance art is an art, where the artist seeks to challenge social norms. The underlying response to the scheme was initiated by research based design. Kristallnacht was the tragedy in which 250 Jewish synagogues were burnt. The underlying language of the architecture pays respect to the Jews and the history that



took place on the site.  In plan the scheme resembles the Jewish star. The form of the star is then modulated into its external skin and details. Pragmatically, the lower levels house the functional elements which employ a humble architectural language.  This is as opposed to the upper floors which are more expressive and harmonious of their function. The historic and cultural references for the project were unpinned in the overall architectural language of the scheme. Its aim was to honour the lives lost in the night of the shattered glass, Krystallnacht. Initial project experiments were inspired by various artists such as Yayao Kusama and Olafur Eliasson. 


Museum /  Theatre / Commercial

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