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8 lessons learnt in 2018

….  So as 2019 begins, I thought I would love to share the 8 things I have learnt from last year. 2018 was such an amazing year for me, it was the year I lived in London during my placement and at the same time also saved up for my rent in Bath. I am really proud about this. I also had a birthday month !! YES A MONTH of being 21. I got to go to Paris, where I really found what I want to go into when I leave university in 2019 …

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The Burberry Coat

… Words cannot express right now how good it feels to literally do nothing work related for the day! I have had a black friday that is full of relaxation, gossip girl, shopping and chocolate... What more could a girl ask for right. Just to update you guys, the past few weeks have been the most exhausting; mentally and physically as I have had a huge project as part of my final year at university …