The Journal, Style Talk

By Enan



I'm Enan Maldonado, creator of A new space dedicated to the modern and contemporary art, fashion, music, and an online platform where I can talk about the creative minds that I am fascinated and inspired by.

I'm based in Boston, MA where I work in the hotel industry. But there's no external force suppressing my creativity. I'm always open to new collaborative work. And that's how the idea of creating a blog started. It's important for me to show others a little insight into the way I see things. 


I have always been interested in photography, and my Instagram account has been the place where I showcase much of my content. I have a passion for design, architecture and objects. I believe that any object can be transformed into a work of art.

The main inspiration of my images comes from minimal aesthetics, but you have a variety of really different set ups and environments which influence the way you perceive them. Some of my photos can look simple, but they reflect my own personality


Images and Text with thanks to Enan Maldonado