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KM by Lange

KM by LANGE is a creative studio based between Barcelona and Kyiv. All items are crafted out of high quality materials from European Supplies and handcrafted by women for women in Ukraine by carefully selected manufacturers. They are a season-less brand that is deliberately crafted in small quantities. They have a sincere interest in the environment and the impact the fashion industry has on it. They brand is vegetarians therefore they do not use leather , fur , skins or feather …

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AER Scents

AER is a unique independent perfume house based in Berlin, German. They blend 100 % botanical scents and develop their own recipes. They source all their ingredients and blend the perfume themselves. They pride themselves on being a modern brand with a different approach to perfume making. In their minimalist approach their scents are simple yet complex …

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… As part of my beauty routine, finding the right fragrance for day and night wear is super important. I have always been the type of person that instantly notices someone else’s fragrance and I think it can make or break someone appearance. Over the part year I have definitely evolved from the very excessively flower smells to smells more subtle and perhaps ‘ladylike’. As a lover of all things Chanel, I of course had to try the new chance perfume when they came out ! I think what’s so unique about the chance perfume is that there is a selection that suits everyone …