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As part of my beauty routine, finding the right fragrance for day and night wear is super important. I have always been the type of person that instantly notices someone else’s fragrance and I think it can make or break someone appearance. Over the part year I have definitely evolved from the very excessively flower smells to smells more subtle and perhaps ‘ladylike’. As a lover of all things Chanel, I of course had to try the new chance perfume when they came out ! I think what’s so unique about the chance perfume is that there is a selection that suits everyone. For me I loved the Chance Eau Au Tendre. It makes a perfect daytime smell that lasts for ages. I think it’s definitely worth the price and will last you a while. Now of course I do wear a different perfume at night time, just because I guess you want to amp it up a little bit more in terms of beauty products. For the evening I would recommend the Miss Dior, Absolutely Blooming. It is a very strong smell that literally only requires one spray for the whole evening! I personally find I get a lot of complements with this smell in particular.

I think the key tip with finding a fragrance that suits you is to first identify what smell you like then testing out those smells on your skin to find how those settle on your skin. I can often find I love a perfume then try it on my skin and after a while the smell changes so always check that.  

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