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Changing Seasons


 As the cold evenings have been drawing in and the frost on the window ledges becomes ever present, the beauty in the winter solstice brings a peace to my heart like no other. In this current season in my life I have been seeing so much growth and change in my mind. Not only have I just completed the first part of my last year at university but I have also accomplished so much in my architectural work like no other time in my years of study. I can’t really fathom this into words but I sense such a guidance and grace around every sentence, around every diagram and every design I put to paper. Further to this I have been trying to truly finding my style and defining my aesthetic. I believe as a designer this is the most power thing you can harness , is your own style. So what is my style you may ask? I would say chic minimalism or moins c'est toujours plus aves une touche parisienne.  Did I forget to mention that I am also learning first at the moment with hopes to move to Paris when I graduate! On a final note, I bring to you this editorial shot by my beautiful friend Henry Amalin. Funny story but me and Henry actually met on instagram and we have been friends ever since. He is not only a stylish boy but a genuinely lovely person who I have grown to adore. 

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