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Christmas Dressing



 Parties, Birthdays, Dinners and a lot of wine has described my life for the past two weeks, and well I am exhausted right now waiting to go back to London for Christmas! But I love it, I love the happiness that Christmas brings, I love being able to make cards for all my friends, socialise, spread joy and peace to those around me. But of course what makes this time of year even more special is the parties, the fact you can dress up and wear that outfit you bought months ago! The dress featured in this blog post is truly out of this world, a hand made piece from Italy! It honestly made me feel like a golden princess. There are some things that one must invest in during Christmas and that has to be a golden dress, what can get more festive then that!

I also wanted to talk about some of the changes that have been happening, namely the change of my original blog, Majestigal to Melissa Dewar. For a long time this has been on my mind to combine by architectural portfolio with my blog and it took me a while to reach the fact that at this current stage I have really just grown out of my original blog as I am finding my own aesthetic and style. So I bring to you the new and improved melissa-dewar.com still an editorialised style blog but also launching a new podcast. Having a podcast is something I have always wanted to venture into but never had the courage to speak my thoughts and feels, I finally feel ready to impart my knowledge and values that have inspired me to live my best self and may help you too.

Stay tuned for all the exciting things to come and most of all have a happy Christmas,

Melissa x


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