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Style Talk with Day in my Dreams


We interview blogger Kristina from Day in my Dreams a travel, lifestyle and fashion blog with a clearly modern and minimalistic style. Here is what Kristina has to share about herself and her blog.

1. Hi Kristina, Hope you are well, please can you start by introducing yourself and explaining what you do?

My name is Kristina, and I am the writer and content creator of the travel, lifestyle and fashion blog Day in my Dreams. I work as the creative director for a women’s fashion footwear company by day, and blog my heart out by night. It’s been an incredibly journey thus far, join me!

2.You are the founder of Day in my Dreams, what motivated you to start and blog?

It actually started on a bit of a whim. Working with bloggers from a branded side for years, I finally thought, why not give it a try!

3. Tell us 3 things you couldn't live without in your wardrobe?

Definitely a pair of leather leggings, a leather biker jacket, and white sneakers are at the top of my list of essential pieces. There’s just so much you can do with them.

4. In your blog you express your interest in travel, what would you say is your favourite place in the world?

In the past year, I’ve traveled to Egypt, Dubai, India, Virgin Islands and am heading to Mexico in just a few days! I can’t say I have a favorite. That’s the joy of travel - appreciating the wide array of scenery and culture that’s so diverse throughout the world.


5. How would you explain your style? and what do you think makes good ‘style’?

I’d consider my style mostly monochrome fashion with a solid lean towards luxury pieces. I appreciate color, but wear mostly black, grey, white and nude. I believe in investing in quality pieces that you’ll re-use for years to come. Good style is what you feel the most confident in. It’s ok to be different, but don’t do it to make a point - do it because it’s truly you!

6. What inspires you?

Everything! The sound of the wind, scent of the ocean, people around me - the world is full of textures and beauty. I believe that plays a big role into my interpretation into fashion.

7. Tell us the best and worst thing about being a blogger?

Best, all the clothes! haha, but seriously, it’s been the support from parters and people I’ve met and connected with, with a similar passion that has been truly inspiring, encouraging and binding. It’s like I’ve met a whole new family with my followers and friends, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Worst, deadlines! Contrary to popular belief, blogging is a lot of work. Balancing the blog and a full time position can be difficult, but it’s a challenge I’m happy to accept.


8. What are your favourite brands right now?

AllSaints, Prada, David Lerner NY, YSL, Grana (especially their silk collection) and M. Gemi for shoes!

9. Tell us your hopes and dreams for the future of your blog?

I hope to continue being inspired, and inspire others who share a passion for travel, adventure and fashion!

Images with thanks to Day in my Dreams.

Interview by Melissa Dewar