The Journal, Girl Power

Ecru Vintage



 My name is Rose Soiffer-Kosins. I’m a 20-year old student at Pitzer College in the Los Angeles area, where I am studying business and media in hopes of pursuing a fashion career after I graduate.


I grew up in Seattle, Washington. As a child, my house was always full of my mom’s unfinished sewing and jewelry-making projects. I was inspired by her love of crafting, and consequently taught myself sewing and embroidery.



Thrift stores have always been my mecca. I love finding an amazing piece, and knowing that no other individual owns the same article. I view vintage clothing as a celebration of originality through dress. I sold vintage clothing for several years on various websites, yet finally started my own Instagram shop in January, 2017.

The mission of Ecru Vintage is to provide customers with one-of-a-kind items in a variety of sizes. By choosing models of various ethnicities, genders and body types, I aim to remind buyers of their intrinsic beauty. I want followers of Ecru Vintage to choose vintage articles that uniquely reflect their beauty and body empowerment.


Text and Images with thanks to Ecru Vintage (@ecru.vintage)