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Finding your aesthetic



  Finding your aesthetic has to be the most powerful element of self discovery a designer can have. As an architectural designer and Part 1 student I know just how long this journey has taken me in order to find what I love, both in terms of my architectural work and my own identity. I went through many different periods of being a maximalist, minimalists, colourful, punk, indie, chic, and many other forms of identity! I definitely believe part of the journey to finding your style is experimenting and finding what works for you. as well as, knowing your true passion. As a settle back to my second and final semester at university I have been contemplating a lot about what I want the outcome of my work to be and most important how that will express my identity. You are probably wondering what my style is and what I love. I love Parisian style, I love Minimalism and I truly believe less is more. Therefore, I guess my own style is a mixture of those things. Learning to be happy with less has definitely been a test for me and I have learnt so much with having less things, buying less and doing less. Consequently you find you are so much more calm and at ease.  

 My advise to you would be take time to find what your heart adores, you know you better than anyone else knows you. Once you have found a style you like, harness it and make yourself better within it. Practise makes perfect. The biggest complement I get is when people look at my work and know it is me. To get to that point took me 6 years and honestly it is the most amazing complement one can receive. Experiment, Grow, Harness and Embrace every element of you.  





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