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Hertford House


I stumbled across the Wallace Collection whilst wondering around the Marylebone area, I love just having no agenda and finding yourself some beautiful pockets of peace in a busy city. The Wallace Collection is a national museum which displays works of art collection in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by Sir Richard Wallace. The collection is displayed in Hertford House. The house has a charm and a gracefulness around it which is so beautiful to have a look around. Located just off the busy streets of London it has a peacefulness and is a place which I will be escaping a lot more regularly. 

 I am super excited at the moment as I am graduating from my bachelors in July and looking to move fully to London around September. It is one of those changes in life that I am excited yet equally scared about as it is taking me hugely out of my comfort zone. I am searching for jobs and really expecting of some great things for the future. Equally I am learning a lot about the process and about the wait. I know that I have been marked by God to become a great designer but I need to learn the process of learning and serving at my work place. 

 So my I challenge you over the summer to take a stroll around the city, find what hidden gems you may come across. You never know what you may find! 







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