The Journal, Photographer

La Muralla Roja



My name is Maciej Jeżyk and I'm an architectural photographer from Krakow, Poland.Developing a passion for photography took me many years, but when I look back, people who have been my friends or just been around me had always very strong sense of aesthetics. Most of them ended up as creatives working on some kind of visual content. So, I guess I was drawn to that kind of creative work. About 5 years ago my main focus became modern architecture and documentation of urban landscape. However, it started many years before. From walking around different cities with a camera and just snapping photos of my surroundings, to reading more and more about architecture and urbanism and the impact it has on everyone’s life. So right now, I'm trying to document places more consciously. What I want to do is to show broader context and sense of place. It finally became my job and I hope I will be doing this all my life.

Text and Images by Maciej Jezyk