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Last of Bath



 The past year has been one in which I have and never will forget for the rest of my life. It was my final year at Bath and my final year at university studying architecture at bachelors level. Having been caught up for study for 4 years, it has been a weird sensation finishing and having handed in all my thesis work. The past few weeks have been spent enjoying the city, strolling around the parks and spending time with close friends before we all head our own ways.

Bath has been a city which I fell in love with, its relaxed pace of life, its style and its architecture makes it a place I would recommend anyone to come to. Also its charity shops are next level buts that’s a whole other blog post. For myself personally Bath was the place I grew, both as a woman and as an architectural designer. It was the place that informed my style and shaped who I am today. Somehow the city always feels new to me, its undercurrent of energy comes from the vibrant people and the grander of its surroundings. As my time here comes to an end, part of me feels reluctant to leave behind something that feels so familar and safe to me. Yet on the other hand, part of me feels ready to venture to the next stage in my life. I am excited and I am expecting some amazing things to happen, what they will be I cannot yet say.

This editorial I think captures the city of Bath and its style. In collaboration with my dearest Studio Marlen, we ambled the streets in search of the secret locations for that perfect shot. Our current season favourites include this COS trench coat that is super light weight and comfortable paired with a buret for the ultimate perisian vibe. I am currently also obsessed with this slip dress which I found off Ebay for £40 and its Sandro! Pair this with a t-shirt for a more daytime look.

One a final note, good bye Bath, you will be missed.