Mira Haus




An editorial in special collaboration with Mira Haus. Inspired by the pink sand dunes in the middle east. Textures, colours and minimalism all mixed together to create a beautiful editorial story. 

Styling and Direction by Melissa Dewar

Modelled by Rebecca Lim

Bags by Mira Haus

Mira Haus

Mira Haus was founded in 2016 by Miranda Ighofose. She studied town planning but her interest revolves around design and creativity with an appreciation for art and architecture. Mira Haus is an independent brand with a contemporary approach to design. The bags are simple and minimal, focusing on the finishing and the quality of the leather. The ‘Grab and Go’ collection is based on creating that ‘go to’ accessory for cocktails with friends brunches or weekend outings. It’s portable and able to fit your phone, keys, credit card and a touch up lipstick. There is an option to engrave each bag with initials which gives a personal touch.





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