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Rossella Castello, born 1994, is an Italian photographer and visual artist currently based in London. Primarily concerned with people, faces and lives, her purpose has often been to driven by the intimate lives of her subjects, which she explores through the documentation of their personal environment, lifestyle and perspective. Through photography, she is able to establish an intimate connection with her characters, getting to know them in a very true way. Castello’s latest work, a photobook entitled ‘Sonder’, has been shortlisted at various festivals, including the OrganVida Festival and the International Photobook Exhibition 2016, run by the RPS (Royal Photographic Society, London).

In this series of work, Rossella has gathered together various images which best represent her exploration of others’ personal environments and spaces. Moreover, the series also include some images taken during her trip to Morocco this past November.


Most Recent Awards

2016 - Organ Vida Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (Shortlisted)

2016 - International Photobook Exhibition 2016 (Shortlisted)

2016 - Admitted to Final Stage, Fedrigoni Top Award 2017. Winners will be announced in January.

Text and Contribution by Rossella Castello (@castellorossella)