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Louise Mertens is a Belgium based Art Director and Designer. Being the daughter of 2 architects she has naturally been attracted to design & drawings at a young age. Starting within fashion, Louise has been able to travel and experience new cultures. At the age of 17 she was living in Japan, where she was inspired by the creativity in Japanese art. In 2013 she obtained her Academic Masters in Art/Graphic Design.

 After graduating, Louise opened her own studio named ‘ Louise Mertens’. Her work is defined by a mixture of manual and digital techniques into one. This method creates a truly stunning image. Louise has worked on 3 global campaigns for huge names in fashion & media. One being Kendall and Kylie who asked her to design the cover of their book called; ‘Time of the Twins’. At the current time she has just finished her personal series named ‘Akane’ which will be exhibited at the beginning of next year.