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Schwarzer Samt

Elisa Schenke from Schwarzer Samt blog talks about her style and blogging as a creative, with minimalist aesthetic. Elise is a fashion marketing student from Berlin, who has grown her online fashion community through her blog and social media.

Being a blogger at this time requires a lot of focus on social media, especially Instagram. I think the importance of social media will accompany us more and more in the next years. For me Instagram is one of the most important social media channels ever and I love it, because the photography aspect is to the fore. As my blog is mainly based on pictures and layouting, I love to use Instagram and get inspired by all the amazing accounts there. But of course, it’s a permanent overload of pictures, inspiration and people at the same time, so it’s necessary to keep the balance between online and offline.

Elisa's Wardrobe Essentials are:

My everyday wardrobe essentials are a black leather jacket, denim in black or blue, a plain white shirt & blouse, a black shirt, a black culotte, a grey oversized sweater and a lightweight black trench. These pieces constitute my basic wardrobe, because everything can be combined, that makes it super easy being well dressed all the time. 

Majestigal Weekly Highlights

I think less is more. I notice that again and again: it's easier to live with less, because than you can concentrate more on the things you have. That starts with fashion, goes on with interior and all the stuff in the apartment and also with your work and social life. To me minimalism means to sort everything that stresses or depresses you. Sometimes it helps to clean the apartment from all the things not really needed, but the main thing is to focus on less, but more important things and things that make you happy. Living the "less is more-principle" is not a state, it's a ongoing process. You have to work on it every day and sometimes it works better, sometimes worse. But also the obviously easier things like having a minimal wardrobe or apartment are harder to accomplish than it looks like, especially the apartment. I think every minimalist has a secret corner where all the random stuff is collected, until you have the time to stow it away anywhere.

Text and Contribution by Elisa Schenke (@_schwarzersamt)

photography anais eleni (@anaiseleni)//  Ünal Cynar (@mr.jaycap) //Nadine Wenrich (@dasnadinechen)//Kim Kanert (@lofe)


The Journal, Style Talk, style


Personal stylist, creator and founder of the blog Lines/Manner, a platform focused on minimalist, modern, ethical, and monochrome fashion.

In my quest for talented emerging/independent designers and eco-responsible designs, I privilege ethical and slow fashion, quality over quantity, as well as raising awareness and inciting my readers to purchase less yet better – less is more.
My style journal is the medium I have chosen to communicate the characteristics of my profession across borders, sharing internationally my knowledge and discoveries by reaching a wide range of enthusiast with similar interests. And social networks play a fundamental role in this attempt to reach enthusiasts all around the world.

Fashion Influencer is only one of the facets of my profession. I have to manage all marketing aspects, public relations, editing, reporting, emails, meetings, artistic endeavors, social networking, photography, writing, accounting, statistics, etc. Multitasking is indeed a fundamental requirement of the blogosphere. Yet being my own boss and living my passion is a true privilege. The most important advantages of my profession are in the precious relationships I establish with incredibly talented designers and artists. Other advantages such as independence and traveling are indeed thrilling, yet they require much organization and responsibilities. The deadlines, the endless work hours, the constant search for inspiration, the investments, the planning, all of these continuous requirements have made my partners an integral part of my daily life. Nevertheless, I feel so utterly invested and passionately focused that I would give it up for nothing in the world.

As for the future, my objective is to establish a personal stylist workshop; a place where I would welcome my clients and propose the designs of my pre-established—via my blog—partners. Of course, always within an eco-responsibility thematic. I also plan to continue blogging, but I will have to be resourceful in order to manage both my private-stylist workshop and my online style journal. When that day comes, I am aware that I probably won’t be able to do everything myself, that training and relying on a Lines/Manner team will be a necessity.

Linesmanner wardrobe essencials :


1. Key basics: A denim jean, the little black dress, “la marinière,” a leather jacket, a cozy knit, a crisp

white shirt, a textured coat, an oversized cardigan, a structured blazer, a midi and maxi dress, kicks,

slides, a leather bag.

2. Color palette: Black, white, grey, beige, navy, khaki.

3.  Quality over quantity: Fit, fabrics, cuts, colors.

Minimalism is a way of life and a philosophy. It can affect your personal style, your appreciation of arts and designs, your living space, your beauty routine; it can help you define your essentials, focus on the useful, the practical, the indispensable.  While the definition of minimalism can differ from one person to another, one fundamental idea is common to all: Disregard all things that add no value to your life, all negative thoughts, all toxic relationships. Take your time, spend your energy with the ones you cherish the most, live in an environment that makes you happy: Decide what is and what is not truly important to your well- being. Doing so requires thorough analysis, as we have to become aware of the essential difference between what we think we need and what we truly need

Being minimalist is not innate and definitely not easy. It not only requires enormous retrospection, self- analysis, and a need to reconsider priorities, but also a deep understanding of the resulting positive impact minimalism can have on your lifestyle and your environment. Because in the long run this process will remove all negative parasites from your life, therefore permitting you to easily concentrate on what actually matters, to discover all that is truly important to your life....


Text and Contribution by Lysiane-Marie (@linesmanner)