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5 Thrift Shopping Tips

… I am super excited to share this blog post not only because I have so much to say on this topic but as we speak I have been getting my tickets to go to Dubrovnik in 2 weeks! Getting all my holiday wardrobe ready for that Mediterranean heat. Anyway onto charity shopping. I myself am probably one of your most experience charity shoppers. Having been thrifting for years I believe my whole wardrobe is thrifted and its all designer or vintage. My love of charity shopping stemmed from my days back at school when me and my friends would go into our local charity shops. At that time I just fell in love with the joy of finding something unique to you that you won’t find on the high street …

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Finding your aesthetic

… Finding your aesthetic has to be the most powerful element of self discovery a designer can have. As an architectural designer and Part 1 student I know just how long this journey has taken me in order to find what I love, both in terms of my architectural work and my own identity. I went through many different periods of being a maximalist, minimalists, colourful, punk, indie, chic, and many other forms of identity! I definitely believe part of the journey to finding your style is experimenting and finding what works for you. as well as, knowing your true passion …