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Lisson Gallery- Jason Martin

Since the 90s, this painter’s work has been recognised and respected in the UK and international art community and these days, he is living and working between London and Portugal. He is Jason Martin – a painter born in Jersey in 1970, who actually makes his own paint brushes and has a BA from Goldsmiths. The latest exhibition of his work, titled “Jason Martin”, is currently at display at the Lisson Gallery in London. Martin is probably best known for his monochromatic paintings –rich layers of single-coloured oil or acrylic gel pushed and dragged across hard, luxurious surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminium or Plexiglas with a fine, comb-like piece of metal or board in one movement which often repeated multiple times.

The body of work in “Jason Martin” includes sensual, almost three-dimensional paintings where the paint is transformed into a performative volume and acts as both medium and motive for his work. The colour palette is white, grey and black which together create multiple tensions to each painting. In his series of silver cast works, the simultaneously slick-and-sticky, solid-and-liquid oil paint is replaced by polished metal. The light hides itself in the crevices and raw, rhythmic textures of the surface, sculpted by the line of the brush. They almost resemble inkblot art in a way – it’s like they were asking the viewer, “What do you see in this?” 

There's something so pure and emotion-filled in these paintings they are hard to pass by without paying attention. The rawness and authenticity silently scream and the sound reaches even those too who usually aren't drawn to art like this. Martin is known for pursuing deeply personal investigation into painting, which really shows here. This exhibition will open the viewers’ eyes to a new wave of expressionistic creativity – and it also marks a new departure for James Martin who’s work will for sure keep inspiring and pleasing the aesthetic eye of other artists and audiences in the future, too. 

Lisson Gallery in London has hosted the exhibition since November 18th 2016, and it will be on view until the 7th of January, 2017.

Text by Tiina Karppi (@tiinakarppi)