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Interiors in Prague



Currently I am in love with an off peach wall colour which I saw in this coffee shop in Prague. The in tones of white, blue, pink and yellow are evident. It almost looks like the walls are scratched. Finding this coffee shop was like stumbling into a treature chest, I was in heaven and couldn't stop photographing every detail of this amazing interior. Not to mention that the coffee and food was of the highest quality made this place even better! Annoying I didnt manage to get the name of the place.


Photography and Text Melissa Dewar

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Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace


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The Colloredo- Mansfeld Palace in Prague is well known building, with great historic value. Designed with a combination of Baroque style and elements of Rococo. Located near the Charles Bridge it was formed on the foundations of Romanesque and Gothic. Proprietors include;  Joachim Andreas Von Schlink., Karl Joachim and Prince of Fondi. The interiors of the palace is in the style of early Rococo. The palaces most well preserved room is the grand ballroom. Decoration for this room finished around 1736 to 1737. With a dome like ceiling covered in depictions of gods and angels, it has an almost unworldly experience to it. Made primarily of Masonry that dates all the way back to the 13th century. A truly inspiring building that anyone must visit.


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A Weekend in Prague




Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, typically known for its historical Bohemian centre. Spending the weekend in this wonderful city I was able to experience the beauty of the architecture and surroundings. Even though it was bitterly cold and my feet were sore after 15 hours of walking I would like to think it was well worth it. The main attractions I saw were of course the Charles Bridge and the Old town square with its magical art-deco buildings. For me however, travelling is about finding the hidden gems, those places that many people don’t know about. These images are a sum up of my highlights and to show you those hidden places.

All Photography and text by Melissa Dewar