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Trend: Oversize

... According Lucinda Chambers “ Oversize was the cool new message this season”. Go BIG or go home, literally. A relaxed silhouette can really complement all figure types and add a certain level of tom boy coolness. A personal favorite is oversized suits think Celine, adding attitude and a level of assertiveness to your look ...

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Aragi Studio

We interview Knitwear designer Alessandra from Aragi Studio, based in Italy:

1. Why do you work within the fashion industry?

I'm working in Fashion Industry, after some experiences as a Fashion Designer for different companies (La Perla, Emilio Pucci and others)
I've decided to focus on knitwear. Knitwear design has been a passion of mine since the beginning of my
path in the Fashion Industry. After my graduation in 2012,  I've taught myself to explore as many opportunities as possible, to improve my skills and
to gain experience. Finally, in 2015, after three years of internships and jobs inside the industry, I've designed my first post-degree collection. Knitwear was a natural choice to me. I'm pretty sure that you must try many roads before you understand
what is the best for you, I still love to design garments and accessories, but at the moment, knitwear, allows me to express my
aesthetics point of view, better then any other material.

2. How is social media important these days?

Obviously, social media is a great communication channel for everyone. It is the best way to tell the world your skills and this is the main reason if you are an emerging fashion designer (or a creative in general) you must use social media as much as you can. We work with images, videos and music. I think we should share our world to show our point of view and we should not be jealous of our ideas.
On the other hand, I think also that social media can be a double edged sword, so I try to use them consciously.

3. What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity is a great part of my life, but being restless is even moreimportant to me, as this is the starting point of my curiosity and
curiosity is the key to discover the next idea to implement.Anyway, is great when you create something exactly as you imagine it,
or when you create something you did not expect... it is a longprocess sometimes, it required a lot of patience and most of the times
you fail before obtaining what you want, but at the end, spending the
time on this is worth it.

4. How difficult is it too make a living from the fashion industry?

I believe that being succesfull is a personal challenge, as in many other fields, your career depends most of all on yourself.
Inarticular, talking about Fashion, I think that in the Fashion industry there is enough space for everyone, and I also believe that
you should find your space, and work very hard to keep it. Anyhow, themeaning of success is really different for each person, this is why
you can get satisfaction and success from your work in so many ways.

5. What is the meaning behind your work?

Talking about my work, I've always been influenced by art. History ian important starting point from which I take inspiration too, but art in particular, helps me to imagine something I've never thought before. For example, in this collection I've been deeply influenced by Noriko
Ambe's art.  Ambe is a great artist who creates beautiful artworks with amazing shapes and starting from her intricate works I imagined how to
work on knitwear to reach the same sensation of natural shapes and pure beauty. I've always been fascinated by earth shapes, nature is,
obviously, the best example of effortless beauty and I'm trying to put these elements on knitwear, using lights and shadows contrasts, using
the repetition of details like layers or multiple applications or using asymmetry. Through my clothes, I would like to emphasize the adaptability of
knitwear to different silhouettes. Knitwear, more than every other material, gives various facets at the same piece of clothing because
it is extremely permeable, enveloping and unstable and I like to exalt or control its potential through my silhouettes, so in this capsule
collection I tried to put all this elements togheter.

Text and Contribution Aragi Studio (@aragi_studio)