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The Burberry Coat


Words cannot express right now how good it feels to literally do nothing work related for the day! I have had a black friday that is full of relaxation, gossip girl, shopping and chocolate... What more could a girl ask for right. Just to update you guys, the past few weeks have been the most exhausting; mentally and physically as I have had a huge project as part of my final year at university. Never have I had my architecture work push me to such limits, it has been pretty hard. I know I love to emphasize self care and self love but honestly when work gets so stressful that all goes out the window! I know its so unhealthy to let your work consume you so much that you even forget to eat for like 30 hours... but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Sooo right now I am totally indulging, doing all the things that I love until Monday.

I have been meaning to post about this Burberry Trench for ages, I found it in a charity shop here in Bath for £75 which is amazing. It fits perfectly too. I am such a lover of Trench coats this season as they are super easy to pair with anything and it instantly makes your outfit look amazing. For this look I have worn a Karen Millen jumper, COS trousers and Earrings. As I have gotten older my taste have been swinging towards the more timeless pieces, therefore I have been making a greater effort to buy less but more meaning full items. Perhaps consider this as you get swept away by all those black friday deals.. Au Revoir.

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