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Tips to being more mindful


Having complete mindfulness and peace in life is something I have aspired for so long, My belief in a positive and fully rounded lifestyle comes from a number of factors from faith , exercise and diet. Someone once told me you are what you eat and if you are eating something that has died that negativity translates into your body… hence why I am pretty much plant based. But also trying to perfect my morning routine has literally taken me ages, I mean ages. I would say I am a pretty good morning person but I can get very off balance if my routine gets disrupted. Being mindful however has been a pretty new venture for me, I live in London and yes that fast pace of life can mean you are thinking about yourself and work rather then the big wide work around you. Mindfullness means paying more attension to the present moment. For example, being mindful of your surrounding may mean being more attentive to the sound of the birds, the wind and sun. I have definitely not been a mindful person most of my life and this is fairly new to me too, but I really belief it has helped me to be so much more positive and kind to people around me ,as well as ,myself. 

Tip 1: Wake up earlier.

 I have always been an early riser like I am taking about 6 am person!  But I have been cutting this back and waking up around 5 am ish. Taking the time in the morning to journal and gather my thoughts has been hugely beneficial in helping me tackle all the challenges each day has to offer

Tip 2: Giving thanks.

 Now I know there are people reading this who aren’t religious and that’s completely fine but taking the time to feel thankful within yourself (or in my case to Jesus ) you are already setting yourself to be so much positive to everything around you.

Tip 3: Diet

 Being mostly plant based in my diet has just made such a huge huge difference to the way I shop for food, my body and mind. I personally couldn’t recommend a plant based lifestyle enough it just make you glow from the inside out! (Ps you start craving nuts a lot)

Tip 4: Sleep

 We all know that golden hour amount of slept is 8 hours. Get the right about in.

Tip 5: Tune out

I now make it my real effort to tune out of social media, blogging and all other forms of looking at a screen. I already work 5 days a week 9-6 , that’s 40 hours a week In front of a computer. its best not too add to that outside of work hours. In the evening I like to read books, draw and do yoga. Definitely take more time to tune out and be at peace within yourself.

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