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Finding your aesthetic

… Finding your aesthetic has to be the most powerful element of self discovery a designer can have. As an architectural designer and Part 1 student I know just how long this journey has taken me in order to find what I love, both in terms of my architectural work and my own identity. I went through many different periods of being a maximalist, minimalists, colourful, punk, indie, chic, and many other forms of identity! I definitely believe part of the journey to finding your style is experimenting and finding what works for you. as well as, knowing your true passion …

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Current Favourites

… As I currently sit looking out from my shutter windows at the beautiful white blanket that covers everything, yes it has been snowing in Bath and well what a stunning spectacle. With the snowfall I have found myself cancelling my plans for the next few days and well finding some time to reflect upon everything I have been doing the past season with regards my wardrobe of course! I have mentioned in previous blog posts about my longing to …