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8 lessons learnt in 2018

….  So as 2019 begins, I thought I would love to share the 8 things I have learnt from last year. 2018 was such an amazing year for me, it was the year I lived in London during my placement and at the same time also saved up for my rent in Bath. I am really proud about this. I also had a birthday month !! YES A MONTH of being 21. I got to go to Paris, where I really found what I want to go into when I leave university in 2019 …

Editorial, Fashion

Taking time



In the second part to our collaboration with Cate and Nelson watches we bring to you an editorial inspired by the philosophy of taking time. Modern day living lends itself to rushing without a pause or break. Me personally, I find it super hard to take time for myself… it is an art I am learning over time. Perhaps make it your goal for the next few weeks to stop rushing, have a break and be more mindful…


Care & Nelson watches are brand that perfectly resemble Scandinavian design, with a key eye for detail and minimalism. The clear design approach is noticeable with every watch. Their latest collection features a few new key features such as the metal straps and pastel shades leather. My personal favourite is the Nº 162 | 40 mm


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Styling and Direction by Melissa Dewar