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Coal Drops Yard

… Coal Drops yard is a new retail development that is a perfect harmony of past and present (1) . It is a hub where “art, commerce and culture come together” (2). Build on a site that is in constant flux, CDY has a unique history that ranges from coal store to night club to commerce space. The past is therefore ingrained in the victorian industrial architecture that has survived the test of time. In the 1850s the drops at King Cross …


How to spent your weekends in London

… Ahh the weekends, since I have been interning in London I have valued my weekends so much more and have been mastering the art of making my weekends the most relaxing and fun to get me in the right mindset for the week ahead at work. I try to encourporate as many things I love into the weekend. I also make a real effort to tune out of social media and read a book or go for a coffee …