Solus Aqua

51.38° N, 2.35° W

Bath, Year 4, Basil Spence


Meaning to achieve health through the use of water

  The scheme responds to the predominant context of the River Avon in Bath and the healing properties of its waters. It challenges the ways the River Avon can act as a key figure in the local spa industry. It is able to offer opportunities of community healing. This creates an architecture for the public that truly embraces the beauty of water. Pragmatically, the architecture redefines the meaning of a sports stand. Can sports infrastructure become places of healing, mindfulness and therapy? Research was centred around hydrotherapy and the necessary spaces needed for both the health centre and a sports stand. Conceptually, I looked at the various states of water used for therapy; liquid, gas and solid forms of water were interpreted into an



architecture for mindfulness.. The design philosophy of the scheme was a response to the rich historic context of Bath and its landscape. The expression of fluidity in water was something we literally expressed in many elements of the structure . In reducing the footprint of the building we were sensitive to the surrounding cityscape.  The complexity of the various user groups are tackled through careful consideration of the circulation spaces and public zones. Tectonically, the scheme sits on a flood zone and is allowed to flood in high tide. This was a particular tricky element of the design process we had to take into consideration. 

Environmentally, the scheme is very responsive with a concrete shell roof that is able to collect rainwater and use it throughout the scheme. Rainwater is also collected via the landscaping through various impervious layers.


Spa / Sports / Wellness

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