The retail atelier

51.38° N, 2.35° W

Bath, Year 4


Our lust for acquisition has resulted from our insatiable appetite for more commodities.  All we desire within our reach and never fully in our grasp; the shopper forever on the hunt. The beautiful item sits so radiantly on the shelf, perfect and pure. Forbid those who mention the hands that made such a thing. Perhaps we don’t want to know as the truth may destroy our desire. Disconnection from the fundamental human need to make, sell and buy garments is ever present as the shop window shrinks to the size of a computer screen. Shopping, an activity that once empowered cities and humanity to thrive is dissolved into dust. In our longing to consume, we try to keep up with a system of endless trends, that only seeks to profit from our desire to feel satisfied.Through commercialism and fast fashion we get our quick fix but are never fully sated. In search of our desires whilst in a third world


country someone has to starve to make our garments.We have become de-laminated from a once enchanting industry; that empowered cities to grow, culture to be shaped and social encounters to take place. In the words of Ellen Sampson, “The distance between maker and user in contemporary commodity cultures often renders the maker inert in the experience of the wearer, the maker’s agency is viewed as boded within the transaction of making”. The Retail Atelier seeks to re-invent a new retail typology that challenges consumerism by reconnecting us to the very essence of dressmaking. In returning to the origins of fashion we can re- kindle the lost art of weaving, stitching and couture. Fashion designers, garment makers and wearers are brought together in an orchestrated harmony.


Retail / Fashion / Commercial

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